How to Get Rid of Rats / Mice

how to get rid of rats

Rats can be a problem in the home. Unfortunately, you may not see them until there is a large infestation and it becomes more difficult to get rid of the rats.

Just follow these easy step to get rid and prevent them from our home.

How to Get Rid of Rats and Prevent Them from Our Home
How to Get Rid of Rats and Prevent Them from Our Home

Rats are known as rodent animals that can be found throughout of the world.

They are belong Muridae family those have numerous species wide world, they include attus argentiventer, Rattus hoffmanni, Rattus lutreolus,

Rattus norvegicus, Rattus osgoodi, Rattus rattu, and Rattus xanthurus. Rats are omnivores animals, but they prefer to eat any food they find.

They usually like the dirty place such as rubbish bin, dinginess place, waste material or waste food, and others, so that they contaminate around the environment by their waste.

What are the disparities between rat and mice?

Mostly people consider that rat and mice are the same, but actually they are quite different in many parts both of them such body, size, and many others.


Rats are bigger than mice, they counted large rodent that can grow up to 40 cm in length. Whereas the size of mice are 12 to 20 cm in length and their weight are 12 to 30 gram.


Both of their color are mostly the same, those are white, gray, and brown. But rats have one more color, black.


The snout of mice are triangular, but the rats are more blunt than that of mice.

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The tails of mice are thinner and hairy than that of rats.

What are sign of rats infestation on your home?

The usual sign of rats infestation that people easy to find around home are evidence of their activities such as burrow or nests, sound, trace of gnawing, droppings, and something else.

Eventually if you find all of the signs on your home. That means that your home is nearby of rats infestation.


Rats usually make burrow underground around of home foundation using as their path or hide


Commonly rats like to build their nest above ground, so this might be evidence of rats infestation that easy to find


Rats like to climb on every part of house and possibly to. You might hear or see at them shortly sound bother and noisy in the dark night.

Trace of gnawing

They usually are gnaw in a wall, ground or somewhere


Rats like to move anywhere to find foods, and let their dropping on anywhere they pass

What diseases are carried by rats?

Most people know that rats habits are prefer to visit and stay in the dirty places such as rubbish bin, so it might possible to rats being rodent animals which carry out of several diseases.

There are some disease caused by rats that you have to know:


One of killed people disease which is easy to spread out to someone else by airborne. WHO plague fact sheet.

Leptospirosis – Weil’s Disease

This disease is known as contaminated by bacteria leptospirosis. People can be infected through contact of water, food, soil which are contaminated by urine of rodents or wild animals.

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One of bacteria which can be found in feces of wild animals. People will be infected this bacteria when they eat contaminated food by rodent droppings.

Rat Bite Fever (RBF)

This disease is caused by Streptobacillus bacteria. People will be infected when eat contaminated food or bites by rodent animals such as rats.

Q Fever Rickettsial Disease

Some indications of Q Fever Rickettsial disease are flu by following fever, headache, and lethargy. This disease is caused by bacteria which belong to genus Rickettsia.

How to prevent the diseases infection of rats?

When you detect the sign of Rats infestation live in your home or garden. You should avoid any direct contact with them and control them as well is the best way to prevent of disease infection. There are some ways to prevent those diseases infection:

Avoid direct contact with your pets which work to control against the Rats infestation. Wearing gloves when you carry them out.

Wash your hands with antibacterial soap after handling or washing your properties which are urinated by rats.

Use disinfectant to clean up part of your home where you find rodent dropping on and also the place where usually they travel

Remove foods which have been contaminated by rats

How to get rid of rats?

Most people think that rats infestation are a menacing. Commonly, they not only cause some damages of home properties but also spread some disease.

If you find the signs of rats infestation on your home. Don’t be worry, there are some ways to chase them away from your home:

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Trap is one of effective ways to rid of rats infestation. You need to make large trap because the size of rats are bigger than mice, and place them where rats their habitually infested areas.

Some common trap methods which can be followed, such as:

Snap trap

One of best trap, it usually use wood or plastic which consist of spring-load bar with snap. Its snap will be fall when rats take off the baits.

Glue trap

One of live trap that generally use coated platform with glue, and when rats come and touch it, rats will adhere on it and cannot go anywhere.

Electric trap

This trap is using an lethal electric, usually it can kill faster than other trap


Another effective way to rid of rats is baits by using some foods such Peanut butter, Chocolate, Pepper, Fresh and dried fruit, Onion.

People mix well those foods with poison and place them on their habitation areas.

There are some common poisons which people use, such as Vitamin D-Based Poisons, Fumarin and Warfarin-Based Poisons, Bromethalin-Based Poisons, and any others.

How to prevent of rats infestation staying in home?

Keep clean and sanitation on your home

Generally, rats prefer to come the dirty place than clean, so keep clean home will prevent them enjoy to come.

Remove and throw away your food waste

One of rats favorite thing are collecting food waste and take them to their nest.

Use repellents

There are some natural repellents can be used to chase rats away from home such Ammonia, Bay leaf Peppermint oil, Castor oil, Baby powder, Instant mashed potatoes.

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