How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

how to get rid carpenter bees

When faced with carpenter bees, it’s best to know the enemy and how to eliminate it. While they’re not a “serious” threat, they can damage your property and cause a bit of a headache.

Would you want to share the wood of your home with these insects? If not, read on.

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How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees Step-by-step
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People usually find carpenter bees hover around their house. They look like bother and harming because of their big size and so buzzy, but actually they are good pollinators of environment.

Carpenter bees called as carpenter bees because their habit of making hole in the wood structure.

Carpenter bees prefer to nests In soft wood and commonly have some brood chambers in their nest. Carpenter bees males show more aggressive than females.

The males are gold-black, but females are black. Female can sting when they in defense but males cannot.

They make several holes in the wood but they don’t eat it, carpenter bees use their nests to save their eggs and rearing their young bees.

How to know the signs of active carpenter bee infestation in your house?

Commonly the signs of carpenter bees infestation are hovering around and buzzing. They make several holes into wood properties as their nest.

Carpenter bees are not only drilling wood structure but also staining our house, If you get those signs, it might carpenter bees is nesting in your house.

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Sometimes people consider that carpenter bees are resemble with bumble bees, but actually they are truly different. Generally, bumble bees make their nest in the ground, but carpenter bees nest in the wood structure to save their eggs.

What types of wood do carpenter bees like?

do carpenter bees prefer to drill all type of woods? Carpenter bees prefer to nest in weathered of wood, unpainted wood, and bare.

There are various types wood those carpenter bees like to nest in, such pine wood, red wood, cedar wood, and cypress. Even though they only prefer to nest in some types of wood, but they still might to nest in another wood likely the desk-wood in our house.

Carpenter bees are commonly nesting some areas of unpainted wood such as eaves, window trim, fascia boards, wooden shake, decks, siding, wooden play equipment and outdoor furniture.

What the negative effect of carpenter bees to our house?

When the spring come, carpenter bees leave their hiding nest to mate. Then they will drill the wood structure to make their nest. each females drills a hole that consist of some chambers to lay their eggs for about 6 till 8 eggs.

If so you find more than one holes of nest in your house furniture, it may there are some females nesting in your house. The size of their nesting holes are generally around as the diameter of adult fingers.

Carpenter bees are harmless, but they cause damage on our home furniture and its aesthetics because of their nest, and sometimes also blotting our house by their waste.

How to get rid of carpenter bees in our house?

Although carpenter bees are not harmful , but they worried because of making damage to our wood properties.

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Based on some literatures, there are some ways how to rid of carpenter bees and also to prevent then them come to our house.

You can rid them by your own self, but if you don’t and you can call a professional pest to exterminate them.

If you prefer to rid them by your own, these are some options of exterminating carpenter bees infestation:

Spray with liquid residual insecticide

Take a liquid residual insecticide, spray it on where the active carpenter bees nest. there are some recommended liquid residual insecticide such as Cyzmic CS, Demon WP, or FenvaStarCap.

Although they prefer to drill into the soft wood, but another condition they might also drill into the painted or the varnished wood as well. Commonly carpenter bees make holes under surface of wood.

For better result, you might need to spray the nest using liquid residual insecticide twice while spring months for around interval 3 until 4 weeks.

If finding the strong infestation of carpenter bees on your home furniture, you should spray them more than twice.

You can use dust residual insecticide

Another ways to reduce the activity of carpenter bee is spreading the dust residual insecticide into the holes of their nest. For the best effect of this residual insecticide is dusting as many as possible into their holes.

Carpenter bees female usually drill a hole from 6 inches, and each hole consist of several small deep chambers to hold their eggs.

The females always bring foods into the nest and also cover it off to vouch their egg’s growth.

It seems like difficult to exterminate carpenter bees using residual insecticide, but you need to do to reduce activity of carpenter bees infestation.

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Do not plug the holes after residual insecticide treatment

If you plug the hole of their nest too early after chemical treatment, they will bore another part of wood to go out.

Let the residual insecticide work for a few times till the carpenter bees are killed, and then you can plug into the holes of their nest.

Using carpenter bees trap

If you consider that reducing the activity of carpenter bees infestation using chemical compound is a risk, the carpenter bees trap might be the best choice.

This trap can be created and design attracting and trap the bees by hanging on the carpenter holes. Its possible to trap the bees when they go in or go out from their nest.

How to prevent of carpenter bees come into our house?

If you want to prevent of carpenter bees existing in your house, these are some tips you can follow:

  1. Painting or varnishing all of the wood furniture surface as possible in your home because the bees most often bore unpainted wood or unfinished wood especially the underside such as under window, sills and decks.
  2. Commonly the carpenter bees prefer to the cracks place to help them easy to entrance. Seal the exterior as many as possible to prevent the carpenter bees come in your home.
  3. If you find hole of inactive nest, you should to seal and calk them as soon as possible, because mostly the carpenter bees reuse their last holes
  4. Another way to prevent of carpenter bees is spraying your unpainted wood properties using chemical or residual insecticide, especially the exact place where the carpenter bees prefer to bore.

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